Advantages of Melamine Cyanurate

2022/11/24 14:55

Melamine cyanurate is a salt synthesized from melamine and cyanuric acid and belongs to the nitrogen series of flame retardants, which has two forms: powder and granular. When the polyamide foam flamed with this product burns, the carbon foam layer formed protects the polymer and insulates it from heat and oxygen. With the addition of this product, the smoke density and toxic gases of the polymer can be significantly reduced, while no irritating hydrogen halide gas is produced.

Melamine Cyanurate

Melamine cyanurate is a nitrogen-containing, halogen-free, environmentally friendly flame retardant that enables flame retardant materials to reach UL94 V-0, especially for nylon 6 66 without fillers. The product has economic use, high efficiency, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, no discoloration, low smoke and low corrosion. It is also low in toxicity, safe for users, compatible with the environment, good thermal stability, and very suitable for material processing. MCA is a melamine-tricyanate synthesized from melamine and cyanuric acid in water, which is an adduct bonded by hydrogen bond. It is an excellent flame retardant and is commonly used in nylon 6 flame retardant engineering plastics, and the CTI value of the produced material is high. The flame retardant nylon 6/PP/wollastonite composites were prepared by Sichuan University with grafted hydroxymethylacrylamide as the bulking agent and MCA as the flame retardant, and the oxygen index of the material was 31% with good mechanical properties when the mass fraction of MCA was 10% [9]. Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics, Japan, developed a nylon blend with improved flame retardancy and mechanical properties, which consists of nylon 6, MCA, stearic acid, sebacic acid, and adipic acid, etc. The flame retardancy of the products produced reached UL94V-0 level, the Izod impact strength was 6 kJ/m2, and the flexural strength was 3700 MPa [10]. MCA not only has good synergistic effect with phosphorus flame retardants, but also can achieve good flame retardant effect when used in combination with phenolic compounds. The product has good flame retardant effect, low dosage, non-toxic, low smoke emission, good compatibility with nylon resin, low impact on mechanical properties, not easy to occur in the processing of sticky mold, foam and frost, etc. The amount of addition is about 20% according to the requirements of nylon products. It is mixed with nylon in certain proportion, and dried under vacuum for 8 hours at 110℃, so that the water content is less than 0.1%, and the dried material is prevented from reabsorbing moisture. Injection temperature 240-260℃, mold temperature 60-70℃, injection pressure 600-800Mpa applied to PE, EVA cable, heat shrinkable tube and TPV cable, silicone rubber flame retardant also has good effect. It can achieve UL94 V-0 flame retardant effect. In the glass fiber filling and filling system, it can also achieve UL94V-2 flame retardant effect, and can be used as extrusion agent for cable material with good dispersion effect.