Aluminum Hypophosphite

2022/03/29 16:23

Aluminium hypophosphite is a new type of flame retardant, the corresponding chemical formula is Al (H2PO2); 3. With good thermal stability, ait doesn;t cause the decomposition of n the processing the polymer, and affect plastic die things. This product combination, slightly soluble in water in preparation and processing thermoplastic polymer under the condition of the usually non-volatile. The use of the products with high thermal stability, in the machining process good mechanical performance and good antiweathering resistance, contains the polymer hypophosphite by combination of high flame retardancy things present, according to UL94 standard, thickness of 0. 7 mm, the flame retardant level, and according to IEC61335 VO think-1 in 800 ℃, the standard is greater than 0.8 mm thickness, through the GWIT test, all through the various flame retardant grade examination, because by high phosphorus content, have hypophosphite thermal stability, water soluble small, flame retardant effect big advantages by the United States, blue chemical developed used in PET, got a very high flame retardant effect, add to PET, exothermic rate and the burning heat, after the sharp decrease of burning into carbon content increased, flame retardant performance to UL94 standard V-0 level, and through the experiment than domestic PET use now flame retardants, flame retardant effect is improved by 60%, low cost price by 35%.