Ammonium Polyphosphate (HT-208)

Storage and precautions:Store in a dry and normal temperature environment, and keep away from moisture and heat.

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Product Details

1.General properties

ProjectIndicator requirements
ExteriorWhite powder/lump
TraitHigh efficiency and good processing performance

2.Physicochemical properties

ProjectUnitIndicator requirements
N≥50N≥200N≥1000Water soluble and tastelessWater soluble flavor
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)%≥69.0≥70.0≥71.0≥57.0≥32.0
Nitrogen (n)%≥14.0≥14.0≥14.0≥12.0≥12.0
Average degree of polymerization≥50≥200≥1000≥20
PH value5.0~7.05.0~7.05.5~7.54.5~6.56.5~8.5
Particle size (through 45μm test sieve)ω/%≥90≥90
Particle size (D50)μm≤20
Solubility (g/100mL water)≤1.0Completely dissolved in waterCompletely dissolved in water
Viscositympa.sAccording to customer needs
Sieve residue (200 mesh)%All passed


Plastic, rubber

Paint, paper and wood


Composite paper and plastic packaging, 25kg/ bag

Ammonium polyphosphate (HT-208)

Ammonium Polyphosphate (HT-208)

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