Effect of Magnesium Hydroxide on the Flame Retardant

2022/04/14 11:27

As a form of polymeric materials, unsaturated polyester resin is broadly utilized in aerospace, constructing and paint industries. Unsaturated polyester resin is flamable material, and will produce quite a few heat, smoke and poisonous fueloline in the course of its combustion process, so it will become a ability hearthplace risk. Flame retardant overall performance is an vital index to assess the overall performance and alertness of the polymerization unsaturated polyester resin. Halogen- (specially bromine-) and phosphorus- flame retardant marketers may be used as flame retardants for unsaturated polyester resin, however thinking about in their luxurious and environmental protection problems, their software scope is limited. Magnesium hydroxide is an environmental pleasant inorganic flame retardant with more than one flame retardant, low smoke non-poisonous characteristics.

Various investigations had been carried out to analyze their overall performance round the arena in latest years.

In this study, magnesium hydroxide became used as a excessive filled-kind inorganic flame retardant, and exclusive portions of magnesium hydroxide had been combined with the unsaturated polyester resin to beautify the flame retardancy of the polymeric material. The have an effect on of magnesium hydroxide awareness in unsaturated polyester resin at the flame retardant overall performance became evaluated, and the quality share of magnesium hydroxide for flame retardancy became discussed.