German Customers Come to Xinsheng Industrial to Exchange Work

2021/07/24 11:03

On November 7, 2020, guests from Roland Berger from Germany came to Xinsheng Industrial Company to exchange work. Bao Zhengli, Deputy General Manager of Zi Mining Group, Zou Meiyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinsheng Company, and Li Zhifeng, Deputy General Manager, accompanied him.

Guests from Roland Berger listened to the introduction of Xinsheng Industrial's overall economic operation and corporate development planning, and went to Shanneng Smart City Project, Xinsheng Optoelectronics Company and other places for on-site inspections. The two sides discussed in-depth the current and future market situation, focusing on exchanges and research on the deepening of corporate connotation, corporate reform and transformation.

Bao Zhengli welcomed the arrival of Roland Berger’s guests, and hoped that Roland Berger would provide strong support and assistance in terms of industrial layout and industrial planning in the future development of the group company and Xinsheng Industrial Company to help the transformation of the enterprise. Make breakthroughs, become stronger and better.