Sapphire Crystal Rod

Sapphire crystal rod is three oxide two aluminum crystal, used to produce sapphire substrate, sapphire crystal rod application is the application of sapphire.


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Sapphire crystal bar specifications

Sapphire crystal rod specifications
Diameter50.9 +/-0.1mm100.1 +/-0.1mm150.0+/-0.2mm
Width of flat edge16.0±1.0 mm32.5±1.0 mm47.5±1.5 mm
Crystal orientationC-plane 20°50'±6'C-plane 20°50'±6'C-plane 20°50'±6'

A-plane 18°55'±12'A-plane 18°55'±12'A-plane 18°55'±12'

>40 mm>40 mm>40 mm
Utilization rate260%260%260%
Cylindricity<0.03 mm<0.03 mm<0.03 mm
True roundness£0.03 mm《0.03 mm《0.03 mm
Cylindrical surface roughness Ra <0.8umRa《0.8umRa w0.8um
Flat edge roughnessRa <0.1umRa <0.1umRa <0.1um
Dislocation density<600 pit/cm2<600 pit/cm2<600 pit/cm2
Half peak width 《20"<20"<20"

Sapphire Crystal Rod

Sapphire Crystal Rod

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