Sapphire glass laser protection lens

Sapphire laser protection window is mainly used to prevent debris splashing in laser cutting, prevent splashing damage lens. Both sides are coated with anti-reflection film with high damage threshold (>15J/cm2) to reduce reflection, which is widely used in optical cutting, laser marking and other applications. Sapphire has high hardness (grade 9), high temperature resistance (1600℃), good thermal conductivity and other characteristics, is more and more instead of the traditional quartz laser protection sheet.

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Product Details

Product features:

• High damage threshold

• Extremely low residual reflection

• low scattering

• to absorb small

Typical parameters:

Material single crystal sapphire crystal material

The diameter is 37 (+0/-0.2) mm×7 (+0.2/-0) mm

Aperture > 90%

Parallelism < 20 seconds

Finish is better than 60/40

Reflecting surface type < 1/2λ

Transmission surface type < 1/2λ

Chamfering 0.3 x 45 °

Coating sheets or blanks are provided upon request

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