Sapphire IPL light guide block

Sapphire has excellent thermal conductivity, and the single crystal structure can withstand high energy laser, applied in IPL equipment, users can obtain excellent comfort experience, but also can guarantee absolute safety, is an upgraded alternative to K9 glass and quartz materials.

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Product Details

The shape of this product is generally: cuboid, rectangle and cone. Two of them are smooth.

We can punch, slot and other shape processing for this product.

We can also plating various cutoff and anti-reflection films according to customer requirements to further improve the energy transmission capacity.

Sapphire crystal light guide block main coating optical bands are:

430nm/480nm: Acne removal/acne removal

530nm: Freckle removal/wrinkle removal

560nm: whitening and rejuvenation

580nm: Remove red redness

640nm/670nm/690nm: Remove hair removal

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