Sapphire mobile phone cover plate

Sapphire crystal (Al2O3) -- the hardest oxide crystal.

As an excellent filtering material, it has good wave transmittance in ultraviolet, infrared and visible wavelengths (wave transmittance material: material that can pass through electromagnetic waves and hardly change the properties and energy of electromagnetic waves).

It has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties such as high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, good light transmission performance, excellent electrical insulation performance and so on. Sapphire crystals are therefore widely used in aviation

Infrared and ultraviolet window of aerospace instruments, blast furnace temperature measurement window, solar cell protective cover, watch mirror, infrared military devices, scientific research, civil industry and high intensity laser window materials and other fields.

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Product Details

Technical specifications


Al2O3 > 99.999%

Positive orientation

A-plane 0° ± 0.5°

Sizes vary in length and width, up to 520mm diagonally for larger sizes

The thickness of the

≥0.5mm or customizable



10 microns or less

The bending strength

P 550 MPa

Transmittance (400nm to 700nm) >85% (coating)

The surface of the

Finished polish to 60/40

Edge condition

One < 0.1 mm


The customer designated

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