Slotted sapphire light guide block IPL

Sapphire crystal has excellent mechanical and thermal properties, and is an ideal substrate material for semiconductor GaN/ Al2O3 light-emitting diode (LED), large-scale integrated circuit SOI and SOS and superconducting nanostructure film, which belongs to the national key support and encourage the development of energy materials and optoelectronic materials.

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Product Details

Sapphire IPL light guide block is a light guide block used for laser beauty instrument. It is a rectangular optical glass with optical polishing on all six sides, and a cut-off filter film is plated on one of the end faces. Generally, the light below 575nm is cut off and 600nm~1200nm is passed through. The laser is then applied to the surface of the skin. It is the laser light passing window on the IPL laser skin beauty instrument.

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