Bio Based Nylon 1010 for Auto&Instrument&Textile

Low water absorption, no toxicity, light weight, excellent electrical insulation, low temperature resistance, stable size and good processing and molding performance. Mainly used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, textile, instrumentation, electrical, medical equipment and other industrial fields.

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Product Details

Bio-based materials have the characteristics of small water absorption, non-toxicity, excellent electrical insulation, good low temperature resistance, dimensional stability and good processability.

It can be used in automobile, instrument, electronic appliance, pressure pipeline, sports equipment, medicine and food packaging, water treatment and other fields.

Test itemUnit1010
Melting point195-205
Tensile StrengthKJ/㎡≥50
Elongation At Break≥200
Flexural StengthMpa≥45
Weight loss after drying≤1.0
Relative densityg/c㎡1.03-1.05
Charpy Non-Notch lmpactKJ/㎡25JNB

 Nylon 1010

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