Nylon 612 For Toothbrush Fiber&Single Fibe

Compared with nylon 610, nylon 612 has better toughness, lower water absorption and better dimensional stability. Mainly used as high-grade toothbrush wire, monofilament, cable coating, etc.


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Product Details

Good toughness, low water absorption, good low temperature resistance, dimensional stability, oil resistance, chemical resistance and good electrical performance.

It is mainly used for high-grade toothbrush wire, monofilament, wire coating, machinery manufacturing, oil storage container, textile machinery parts, and can also be used for manufacturing battery shells, instrument guide rails, etc. in electronic industry.

Test itemUnit 612
  TypeⅠ         TypeⅡTypeⅢ
Viscosity numberg/ml105±15135±15180±20
Melting point205-215
Tensile StrengthKJ/㎡≥55
Elongation At Break≥150
Flexural StrengthMpa≥50
Weight loss after drying≤1.0
Relative densityg/c㎡1.04-1.08
Charpy Non-Notch lmpactKJ/㎡25JNB

Nylon  612

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