Magnesium Hydroxide Based Flame Retardants

2022/10/26 16:52

Inorganic hydroxide flame retardants are additive flame retardants, mostly used in the flame retardancy of thermoplastic polymers. Its flame retardant mechanism is summarized as follows.

(1) As fillers, they can reduce the flammability of polymers.

(2) has a large heat capacity, can effectively delay the decomposition of the matrix.

(3) Decomposition of its own heat absorption, can effectively dilute oxygen.

(4) The decomposition material can effectively isolate the air and inhibit further combustion.

In the early market, mostly cheap aluminum hydroxide was used. However, subsequent studies have shown that compared with aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide has higher decomposition temperature, softer texture and smaller particle size, which is more suitable for the processing requirements of polymers. In addition, magnesium hydroxide in the flame retardant process, the formation of polymer carbonization layer and low combustion smoke can effectively inhibit combustion; decomposition of the product magnesium oxide with high temperature resistance, covering the polymer surface can significantly improve the efficiency of air isolation, play a further role in preventing combustion; raw materials are abundant and easy to obtain, can be produced on a large scale, has the advantage of strong market competitiveness. It can be foreseen that the inorganic flame retardant based on magnesium hydroxide has a broad market application prospect.