The secret of all employees' innovation in a coal transformation enterprise

2021/06/08 09:38

Shanneng Zi Mine Xinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was recently awarded the "Innovative Enterprise for All Employees" by the Shandong Provincial Labor Union, and it is the only company on the list of Zi Mine Group. What is the secret of innovation in this old coal-transforming enterprise? How can it be achieved by all employees? The reporter took these questions to explore the secrets.

Formulate 5 national product standards

Entering the door of Xinsheng Industrial Company, there are 6 photos posted on the Hall of Fame in the publicity column. The protagonist wears red flowers and looks radiant. They are the innovative experts of Xinsheng Industrial Company: Tian Guofeng R&D and innovation expert, Geng Jiangang management innovation expert, Li Xiang technology innovation Experts wait.

"If we want employees to recognize our innovation work and actively participate in innovation work, we must send a signal to know what the upper management is advocating? What do they need to do?" Li Shuxin, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Xinsheng Industry, told the author in an interview.

In January 2021, the Employee Representative Conference of Xinsheng Company was over. Participants found that in the work report of Xinsheng Industrial Company General Manager Wang Jian, innovation was mentioned 32 times, reform 26 times, and 1/4 of the full text talked about innovation. .

"We will continue to deepen innovation this year." Li Shuxin set the tone at the workers' congress, "We are a coal-transformed enterprise that is conservative, so self-proclaimed is tantamount to perish. We have only one way to innovate. We must innovate in thinking and innovate technology. Innovation requires innovation in all aspects of our process, equipment, process, and management. This year, we will have an innovative job." After the meeting, Xinsheng Company issued the "Xinsheng Industrial Company 2021 Innovation Work Implementation Opinions" after the meeting.

In order to let the innovation work take root, Xinsheng Industrial Company also established a double innovation center, with a director and 3 staff members, dedicated to the innovation work of Xinsheng Company's subsidiaries, and established a youth maker center, which is in charge of the company’s Communist Youth League. , To guide young people to participate in innovation.

"From 2017 to 2020, we have successively declared 4 national high-tech enterprises, 3 provincial technology centers, 2 provincial engineering laboratories and 2 municipal engineering laboratories for Xinsheng Company." Xinsheng Industrial Introduced by Qi Yugang, director of the Double Innovation Center.

The author has learned that since 2017, Xinsheng Industrial Company has accumulated 31 invention patents, 79 utility model patents, and formulated 5 national and 9 industry product standards. In 2020, the "Research and Industrialization of High-Performance Polyetheramide Thermoplastic Elastomers" of Xinsheng Industrial Dongchen Ruisen Co., Ltd. has been included in the key project of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province; Taixing Co., Ltd. "electronic grade ultrafine aluminum hydroxide resistance Fuel preparation and industrialization technology" was selected as Quancheng 5150 Talents Introducing Project.

2/3 employees participate in studio innovation

If it is said that the release of signals is to guide employees to pay attention to innovation from the ideological level, then the system restricts employees to participate in innovation from the behavioral level.

Since 2020, Xinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. relied on the 1+N assessment system of Zi Mining Group to implement the innovation and effectiveness of management personnel above the deputy section level. On the 25th of each month, managers above the sub-division level must sort out one by one their work innovations in a month, and which work has created benefits. Those who have contributed to the company’s innovation and efficiency will be given extra points according to their performance. The three bottom-ranked management personnel in innovation and efficiency must be deducted and deducted points. The salary income and scores of the management personnel shall be allocated, etc. number.

At the Xinsheng Industrial Auditing and Appraisal Center, Wang Bin, the director, produced a realistic summary record of the innovation and efficiency of the managers of Xinsheng Company at the sub-division level or above in 2020. Geng Jiangang, general manager of Taixing Company, has 2 management innovations and 3 technological innovations throughout the year, creating direct economic benefits of nearly 10 million for Taixing Company. The production line process discipline management proposed by Geng Jiangang was not only promoted in Xinsheng Industrial Company, but also derived from the raw material supply unit and downstream customers of Taixing Company.

"In 2020, I found that the quality of boric acid provided by the upstream boric acid raw material suppliers is unstable. During the exchange, I shared with them the process discipline management of Taixing Company, and tailored the boric acid processing process process discipline for them. , The effect is very good.” Geng Jiangang told the author, because this innovation not only solves the company’s raw material problems, but also improves the supplier’s quality management level. In order to express gratitude to the supplier, it also signed a three-year low-cost procurement plan with Taixing. This alone will save Taixing over 300,000 yuan in procurement costs in 2020.

If the writing of innovation and efficiency is "a single spark is a fire", then the innovation studio established by Xinsheng Company has created a "prairie fire". Xinsheng Company has successively established 7 innovation studios in grassroots units, among which Tian Guofeng Innovation Studio is named by Shandong Energy, and the remaining 6 innovation studios are named by Zi Mining Group. There are 5 high-skilled innovative talent studios. In 2020, the innovation studios will report 43 technological innovations, 39 of which have been transformed into productivity.

"According to the requirements of the innovation studio, we must conduct innovation work research once a month, teach innovation work once a month, and report at least one innovation every quarter." said Song Dahai, the leader of the high-skilled talent innovation studio of Xinsheng Industrial Waste Thermal Power Plant. In 2020, two-thirds of the employees of the gangue thermal power plant will participate in the innovation work of the studio.

Innovation rewards reach more than 2 million yuan

"Let the income of innovative talents increase, the salary will rise, and the waist will be hardened." Li Shuxin said that the attitude towards innovative talents is the attitude towards innovative work.

In 2019, Qi Yugang, director of the Innovation and Innovation Center of Xinsheng Industrial Company, who has made outstanding contributions to innovation, directly rewarded 100,000 yuan in cash at the commendation meeting and awarded the honorary title of Outstanding Contribution Award. In 2020, Xinsheng Industrial Company will use it for various The innovation reward is up to more than 2 million yuan, and the investment in scientific research and development is 38.6 million yuan.

In 2021, Xinsheng Industrial Company launched a high-skilled talent introduction plan, especially high-level management talents and sales talents, in order to make new breakthroughs in management, marketing, technology, and craftsmanship in the new year. They proposed to take care of innovative talents in life, help them in work, and make contributions to the innovation work of Xinsheng Company. They should give votes, seats, and face.

"I have walked through many units, and there are not many units that value innovation and talents like Xinsheng Industrial Co.," said Wang Yadong, the sales director hired by Xinsheng Industrial Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. In Xinsheng Industrial Optoelectronics Company, he has his own independent residence, one bedroom, one living room and one bathroom. The Optoelectronics company fully delegates power in sales and fully respects his opinions in production. "I am very comfortable in this place, and I can always feel that I am valued. I have to create more benefits for this company in order to be worthy of this respect." Wang Yadong is very affectionate for the company that has been fighting for 3 years.

The interview is about to end. Zhou Xiaochuan, the director of the office, presented Li Shuxin with a document of "Taixing Company's 2021 Marketing Innovation Implementation Plan". Taixing Company implements the sales quota system and has established sales targets. Sales personnel can reveal the list separately according to their own circumstances, or form a group to buy out the marketing rights. The sales target can be rewarded up to 600,000 yuan, and the target can be rewarded again if the target is exceeded. , Taixing Company also included the R&D and innovation work into the evaluation of the unsuccessful contracting system, and formulated the R&D and innovation goals and time periods for R&D personnel.

After reading this document, Li Shuxin immediately called the leadership of Taixing Company to express his approval and congratulations on the development of the innovation work, and proposed to promote the implementation in other units of Xinsheng Company.

"Breaking eggs from the outside is food, and breaking from the inside is new. As a coal-transformed enterprise, if we do not innovate or break through from the inside, we can only be broken by the outside. Facts have proved that we are on the right path." Li Shuxin said with emotion.