Xinsheng Industrial Company: Let Party History Study And Education Full Of People's Livelihood

2021/06/08 09:31

Since the development of party history learning and education, Xinsheng Industrial has combined party history learning and education with solving practical problems, taking the practice of "I do practical things for the masses" as an important content of party history learning and education, and insisting on learning, practicing, and implementing. They closely focused on the goal of "I do practical things for the masses" and issued timely opinion solicitation forms to all units and departments to encourage them to actively contribute their opinions and suggestions on safety production, operation and management, and people's livelihood and welfare, so as to effectively solve the problems that are closely related to the lives of employees. Livelihood facts.

"It used to take 5 minutes to get to work by bus, but now it's there after getting off the bus." said Yu Jiaoyang, an employee of Dongchen Ruisen Company of Xinsheng Industrial. It is understood that the bus line mentioned by Yu Jiaoyang ends in Taitou Village at the junction of Zhangqiu District and Zibo City, passing through the new factory area of Dongchen Ruisen Company. Dongchen Ruisen’s new factory is located in a remote area. Although buses passed through the factory at the beginning, there were no stops. Hou Shaogang, secretary of the company’s party branch, actively communicated and coordinated with the local bus company and asked the bus company to set the stop at the company’s door. This is also the only bus stop at the door of the company.

"Solving problems for employees is the goal of our party history study and education." Hou Shaogang said, they launched a service employee contest, party members and cadres took the initiative to claim the problem, and the shuttle bus to the door was one of the problems he claimed.

"All for development, all for employees" is the development tenet of the company. The party members and cadres of the company's organs go deep into the party building contact points to conduct surveys every month, listen to the voices of the employees, and turn the "question list" into a "duty performance list" to effectively do good and practical things for the grassroots employees. "Although the company has a staff study room and a gym, it would be better if another KTV can be built." The company attached great importance to the suggestions made by the staff, conducted in-depth investigations and formulated solutions for many times, and finally settled in the staff activity center gym. An indoor KTV was built next door to solve the problem that employees can sing without leaving the company.

"Can I have more shrimp and sea rice?" "I want to drink yogurt tomorrow morning." "Okay, no problem!" Recently, the author found in the staff meal group of Xinsheng Industrial that similar conversations appear every day, and at the same time. Will receive replies and praise. It is understood that the company’s canteen has changed the past “outdated” catering service model through a series of coherent actions such as adding service items, improving the taste of meals, and improving the dining environment. They extensively solicit opinions from employees and record the food they love to eat as a basis for formulating recipes, and increase meal nutrition according to the needs of employees.

"Thank the company for caring about me. I want to keep learning, continue to use the remaining heat, and offer suggestions for the development of the company." On April 26, Zhou Zhiqi, a retired party member of Xinsheng Industry, received a special gift-"Party History Study "Gift package", I was extremely excited. In order to ensure the full coverage of party history learning and education among party members and cadres, and to prevent a party member from being "absent from class", the company actively carried out the "Diligent Study of Party History and Sending to School" activities. The company organized young volunteers of the party group to the homes of retired old party members and sent them a complete set of party history study books and study notes such as "On the History of the Communist Party of China", "Excerpts from Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao on the History of the Communist Party of China". Big gift package". At the same time, they took this as an opportunity to allow young party members and old party members to exchange knowledge of party history, learn to inherit the political true colors, red genes and fine traditions of the older generation of Communists, and strive to give play to the light and passion of young people in the new era.

"The people's livelihood is greater than the sky. In the process of learning party history, we have always brought the thoughts and ideas of employees into the learning process, starting from the effective protection of the interests of employees, and bringing a strong impetus to the high-quality development of the enterprise." Xinsheng Said Liu Guoqiang, deputy secretary of the industrial party committee.